Without getting too cliche,
here's a little about me

I am fueled by ambition, since my early years in high school creating a dedication to all things design. My history starts in Miami's nationally renowned Design & Architecture Senior high, from its intense design instruction. I started there pursuing the industrial design field under the instruction of someone in the field. Later in my college years at florida state university, through their design course and plenty of time practicing on my own i learned web and design. Eager to grow, i'm constantly adapting to many environments and this ever-changing field, and it excites me, with the hopes to continue to create.

Small Sampling

Booklet Design

Annual Dinner & Ball for S.N.A.F. a non-profit organization.

Website Makeover

Redesign of Yacht Company Website

Wordpress Site

Development and Maintenance of Education Website

Logo Design

Yacht Company Logo Devlopment

Website Design

Layout design

Logo Design

Georgia Water System logo